Yeast Fermentation Essay

September 22, 2017 General Studies

The purpose of this experiment was to look into the consequence of different sums of a substrate on the respiration rate of barm and to compare this to the consequence of different sums of glucose on the rate of barm respiration. The substrate which I chose to farther investigate was fructose. Fructose is a fruit sugar which is one of the three. along with glucose and brain sugar. dietetic monosaccharoses that are straight absorbed into the blood stream during digestion.

2 % yeast solution
Large beaker
Small beaker
Conic flask
Thermometer ( ?C )
Glass rod
pH metre & A ; informations lumberman
Hot H2O
Sensitive digital graduated table ( g )
Fructose ( 1. 0g. 1. 5g. 2. 0g. 2. 5g )
Glucose ( 1. 0g. 1. 5g. 2. 0g. 2. 5g )
Measuring cylinder ( cm3 )


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Mugwump: Concentration of glucose ( 1. 0g. 1. 5g. 2. 0g. 2. 5g ) . concentration of fructose ( 1. 0g. 1. 5g. 2. 0g. 2. 5g ) Dependant: Sum of C dioxide produced. i. e. rate of barm respiration Controlled: 2 % yeast solution ( 20cm3 ) . initial temperature of yeast solution ( 35-40?C ) . sum of clip that the reaction is measured ( 180 seconds )


•20cm3 of yeast solution was measured utilizing a measurement cylinder and so poured into a conelike flask.
•1. 0g of glucose was weighed on a digital balance.
•Hot water was poured into a big beaker. and the conelike flask incorporating the barm was placed inside with a thermometre interior.
•The conelike flask was kept indoors

The conelike flask was held like this until the 2 % yeast solution reached an initial temperature between 35-40?C ( specific temperature was noted down ) When this temperature was reached. the thermometer was taken out of the conelike flask and the conelike flask out of the hot wate


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