YO by Julia alveraz

July 27, 2018 Cultural

YO! Although Yolanda and her three sisters are from the same cultural roots she raised above her obstacles to become a great novelist, which was one of her fondest dream. Julia Alveraz YO tells how Yolanda Garcia friends and family get to tell their stories. It seems as if Yolanda never speak the truth, however Alveraz told Yolanda’s story with different characters while YO could not defend herself Yolanda was denied the privilege of defending herself. It is ironic because initially, the book is based on Yolanda and how angry her loved ones are after she publishes a book that exposes personal things about each of them. In the book her families are working to set the story straight and portray the true Yolanda Garcia that they know, a liar.

Yolanda has a large family and although she was born in America, her native country is the Dominican Republic where she was raised. Because of her origin she was caught up in two world, one of the country where she was born and the other her native origin, where English became her second language Yolanda has grown up to be a writer. In the process, she got kicked out of college, break more than a few hearts, have her own heartbroken many times, return for extended visits to the Dominican Republic, her family fled when she was a child, she marry three times.

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She has also made her family upset by publishing the intimate details of their lives as fiction. Yolanda or YO have quite an imagination, however, it has gotten her into trouble too many times. YO loved to tell stories, but not everyone knew what was true and what was a lie was. Her mother talks about the problems the families face because of her stories. YO”s teacher who really love stories, found that Yolanda’s stories to be a bit disturbing.


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