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April 7, 2018
Should Tipping be Abolished?
Restaurants should prohibit tips because tips really hurt workers. The reasoning is that some people suggest more than others. Some families fall more than others, waiters receive a different payment amount. This caused an imbalance in the total amount of money they received because people left their borders. Something similar could cause problems for employees and the management. By completely forbidding the tip, each member of this staff receives a small bonus that compensates for the suggestions they may have received. This means that people can’t be extravagant to give a lot to wait staff and do it well.

Another reason why giving extra money has to move? Simple because the servers are already paid by their employers. You should not always tip simply to get a great worker, since the money you pay for meals is sufficient to anticipate the actual carrier. If you travel to different countries, mainly in Asia, you can see the waiters leave the place to eat behind you because they are not used to this habit. In fact, some of them even feel angry if you give him advice. Many restaurants in different countries forbid their staff to simply accept advice because they already provide sufficient wages for them.

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Tips should be prohibited because they affect the service of the restaurant staff and affect you and your food. Some people suggest more than others, not because of the quality of the service, but because of unfair salaries in restaurants. The councils subsidize the restaurants. Tips promote racism, sexism, and prejudice.



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