Zeus and Hera vs. Brad and Angelina Jolie-Pitt

July 29, 2017 General Studies

These couples’ relationships are very similar in some ways, and in other ways, not. They have similar themes, but important details are drastically different. They are both kings and queens; Brad and Angelina of Hollywood and the movie scene and Zeus and Hera of Olympus and the gods. Also, they both don’t see each other very often; Brad and Angelina have movies that they act in and Zeus and Hera are busy being gods.

They both have also been accused of infidelity in their relationships (sometimes rightly so), whether it is in myths or gossip magazines. They both argue a lot, whether they’re together or apart and have many children. Also, like Hera, Angelina Jolie is rumored to be very temperamental, causing a tumultuous relationship. However, Zeus and Hera avoid each other, while Brad and Angelina have work to do most of the time, so they aren’t intentionally spending time apart mostly.

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A major difference is that Brad and Angelina seem to be in love, or once were, while Zeus and Hera never seemed to love each other at all. Brad and Angelina had fallen in love, which was the only reason they were together, and Zeus and Hera had married as siblings where love wasn’t intentional or necessary. One change in the dynamic between the couple is that arguing takes the majority of Zeus and Hera’s relationship. They don’t seem to do anything else with each other. With Brad and Angie, they fight a lot, but have only had major arguments recently.

They still want to interact together and want to talk through their arguments, while Zeus and Hera just bicker and fight about Zeus’ infidelity. Their arguments are different in the fact that Brad and Angelina don’t use other people to hurt the other. They understand their marital troubles are between them only, while Hera and Zeus use mortals as their pawns in their arguments. Their pawns get hurt, but they only care about what’s troubling them, and what anyone else is going through doesn’t matter, neither the mortals nor their spouse.

Though they each both have many children between them, Brad and Angie have adopted their children together out of love and Zeus and Hera have only had a few between them and Zeus has many children from affairs. Zeus and Hera are married and Brad and Angie aren’t, and are therefore not obligated to stay together. They, however, feel the need to keep it together for their children. However, Zeus and Hera couldn’t care less about their children, unless Hera feels the need to curse or injure one of Zeus’.


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