Zhu very tinkle of the ice in

Zhu Yongpeng (Roger) Zhu 1
Mrs. Onuska
24 September 2017
In the play “While the Auto Waits” by O. Henry, the theme of being proud of who you are is clearly evident. To begin with, the young lady and the young man not only lie to each other but also deceive themselves. It is stated in the that “the young lady has so many millions that —! It is the monotony of it that palls” (Henry 4) and the young man disguises that “he is a cashier in … in that restaurant” (Henry 7). It shows that two young people pretend the identity of each other which illustrates the insincerity of them. Then, it also shows the readers that don’t hide the truth but be open and honest. It is stated in the play that “sometimes the very tinkle of the ice in my champagne glass nearly drives me mad” (Henry 4). This indicates that the young girl doesn’t know the champagne doesn’t be cooled by ice which makes her innocence and hypocrisy gradually leak out. Ultimately, it tells the readers to appreciate and accept themselves. It is illustrated in the play that “there is the Grand Duke and the Marquis to think of” (Henry 6). It demonstrates the young girl disguises that she has two rich suitors who come from the upper class but she pretends she is tired of both of them which shows the young girl is materialistic and ashamed of being poor. In summary, being proud of who you are is a vital theme which readers can learn from the play which tells the readers that “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken” (Oscar Wilde).

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