“A Man Called Horse”

December 28, 2016 General Studies

In “A Man Called Horse” by Dorothy M. Johnson begin n 1845 and takes place in Indian country. The story involves a few characters, such as “Horse”, “Greasy Hand”, “Yellow Robe”, and “Pretty Calf”. External and internal conflicts are present in the story. An external conflict is between “Horse and “Greasy Hand” when she first gets him and treats him as a slave. An internal conflicts was when “Horse” was convincing himself he was a horse and that was the only use of himself. “Horse” was a round character because he exhibited many feelings and was easily believable. He was also a static character because he undergoes changes that make him a better person. .

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The story begins as “Horse” is seeking to be among his equals, and becomes captured by the Crow Indians. This story is told in 3rd person limited omniscient. The mood is conveyed as serious because he is talking about dying as if it were nothing, and sympathetic because in the story “Horse” was “unshod and naked as the horses were, and like them, he had a rawhide [collar] around his neck. So he is saying he is no better than horses. .

The author suggest that “Horse” has a low self-esteem through of the choice of diction used, such as “He thought of trying to escape, hoping he might be killed in flight rather than by slow torture in the camp, but he never had a chance try.” “He lay dazed and battered near a teepee while the noisy, busy life of the camp swarmed around him and the Indians came to stare”. This shows that the Indians were really interested in the white man because they interrupted their busy lifestyle to come and see “Horse”. .

“While he was healing, he considered coldly the advantages of being a horse. A man would be humiliated, and sooner or later he would strike back and that would be the end of him. But a horse had only to be docile. Very well, he would learn to do without pride.” The author shows that Horse has a low self esteem of him self right now, and if he reacts to the punishment of the Indians wrongly they will torture him, so he accepts being a slave.


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