Diploma In English Language Teaching To Adults Education Essay

July 23, 2017 English Language

Part One – Think about your TEFL/ELT calling. What have you learnt so far? And what has helped you develop? How do you see yourself developing during and after the DELTA?

Feel free to see some or all of the undermentioned countries:

Class ‘discipline’/management

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Student-teacher interactions [ in and out of the schoolrooms ]

Keeping pupils motivated

The grammar vs. lexis

Learner training/encouraging pupils to develop outside the schoolroom

Working with co-workers

Monolingual vs. multilingual categories

Technology [ IWB/computers etc ]

Any reading you have done/intend to make

There may be other countries you wish to see

Please compose 750-1000 words in uninterrupted prose [ no slug points ] . Pay close attending to the quality of your composing [ e.g. sentence building, punctuation, paragraphing etc.

Part Two – Mistake consciousness and analysis

Read the undermentioned paragraph, written by an Intermediate Spanish pupil.

Correct the mistakes in the concluding three sentences ( i.e. from ‘I am larning English ‘ ) and give possible grounds for each one

Choose one country of failing ( from the whole text ) and suggest ways in which you could assist the scholar to better in this country. Say why you have selected the linguistic communication point in inquiry.

My name is Ana and I have 19 old ages. I born in Segovia and I live at that place all my life.

My male parent work in a cloth and my female parent she is professor in a school. She teach mathematic and geografie. I have two brothers and one sister. My sister is the more old, so my two brothers, that they are twins, so me. I am larning English since I have ten old ages and I like really much. When I will be more old, I would wish to be professor like my female parent. The following summer I will travel to London for survey English in a linguistic communication school near of Hyde Park.

Part Three: Text Analysis

2 Study the following reading text taken from Lifelines Intermediate – Tom Hutchinson [ OUP 1998 ]

a ) Underline the comparative clause in each of the first two sentences and depict their usage

B ) Underline the Present Perfect Passive in paragraph one and state why it might turn out hard for pupils in footings of significance, signifier and pronunciation ( include phonemic written text for the latter ) .

degree Celsius ) Choose 2 points of vocabulary from the text that you experience would be unfamiliar to Intermediate pupils and state

why you have chosen them

how you would convey and look into significance

vitamin D ) Study the three inquiries at the top of the page.

What is the purpose of each inquiry?

Why are the inquiries placed before and non after the reading text?

Line of lifes Intermediate T Hutchinson OUP 1998

Extension Reading and listening

Is honesty ever the best policy?

1. Look at the newspaper article and reply the inquiries.

1 Where does it take topographic point?

2 Who was the victim?

2. Read the article and fit the topics and sentence terminations to do right sentences.

The robber

The victim

was altering a wheel.

stopped to assist.

stole a bag.

dropped a lottery ticket,

found the ticket.

claimed the award.

put adverts in the imperativeness

recognized the voice.

returned the bag.

refused a wages.

3. Discuss these inquiries.

1 What do you believe of the narrative?

2 What ground did the professor give for non maintaining the money? Do you hold?

3 What would you hold done if you

had found the ticket?

were the professor ‘s married woman?

were the robber and had read the advert?

had been offered a wages?

4 What difference would it hold made to his life if the professor had kept the money?

5 Does the narrative alter your positions on human nature?

A stealer ‘s lucky twenty-four hours

Victim hands back highway robber ‘s & A ; lb ; 25,000 lottery ticket

A Thief who dropped a victorious lottery ticket at the scene of his offense has been given a lesson in honestness. His victim, who picked up the ticket, so claimed the & A ; lb ; 25,000 award, managed to follow him, and handed over the hard currency.

The robbery happened when maths professor Vinicio Sabbatucci, 58, was altering a Sur on an Italian expressway. Another automobilist, who stopped ‘to aid ‘ , stole a bag from his auto and drove off.

The professor found the dropped ticket and stuffed it in his pocket before driving place to Ascoli in eastern Italy. Next twenty-four hours, he saw the lottery consequences on Television and, uncrumpling the ticket, realised it was a victor. He claimed the 60 million lire award.

Then began a conflict with his scruples. Finally, he decided he could non maintain the money despite holding been robbed.

He advertised in newspapers and on wireless, stating: ‘I ‘m seeking to happen the adult male who robbed me. I have 60 million lire for him – a lottery win. Please run into me. Anonymity guaranteed. ‘

Professor Sabbatucci received 100s of calls from people trusting to flim-flam him into passing them the hard currency. But there was one voice he recognized -and he arranged to run into the adult male in a park. The robber, a 3S-year-old unemployed male parent of two, gave back the bag and explosion into cryings. He could non believe what was go oning. ‘Why did n’t you maintain the money? ‘ he asked. The professor replied: ‘I could n’t because it ‘s non mine. ‘ Then he walked off, rejecting the stealer ‘s offer of a wages.

Partially Four: Lesson Planning and Self Evaluation

In this portion of the undertaking you will be be aftering a lesson, presenting the lesson and supplying a self rating of the lesson.

1 Plan a lesson on grammar, a functional country, or vocabulary ( individual words, or phrases or collocations or a mix ) for a category you are presently learning. The lesson should be between 45 mins and one hr in length. Write a lesson program to include:

Class profile ( a brief description of the category including their degree ) :



Assumed cognition:

Anticipated jobs ( of significance, signifier and pronunciation ) :

Solutions: ( how will you assist with significance, signifier and pronunciation, e.g. if significance is a job will you utilize concept look intoing inquiries or a clip line or… and write/draw these on the lesson program )

Procedure: include Stage Aims, Interaction ( T – St, St-St, groups etc. ) , a description of the process, estimated timing.

The lesson program should be detailed adequate to be taught by a co-worker

2 Give the lesson

3 Write a self-evaluation of the lesson ( maximal 500 words ) stating what was successful, what unsuccessful, what you would alter if you were to learn the lesson once more. Wherever possible, give grounds of your appraisal ( e.g. if it ‘went good, ‘ how make you cognize? E.g. were the pupils utilizing the linguistic communication reasonably accurately and confidently in a pattern phase? )

4 Send us the lesson program and self rating.



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