Children and young people’s development

May 30, 2018 Young People

The development of children and young people, so called the period from the birth through to 19 years, is divided into five major areas: physical, intellectual, communication and language, social, emotional and behavioural. Often called with the acronym SPICE, all those areas are very important to individual growth and can affect one another. Physical Development

The activities performed in this area are grouped by two categories: Gross motor skills concern the whole body movements (walking, running, climbing, jumping, skipping, cycling, swimming and gaming ball) Fine motor skills concern the whole hand movement, including action of wrist and use of the fingers (drawing, painting, writing, model- making, playing with wooden or plastic bricks, cutting with scissors, doing buttons). Gross motor skills and fine motor skills are often coordinated each other. Balance is one of the results of their coordination. Intellectual development

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Called also cognitive (mental in the past), this area refers the process of gaining, storing, recalling and using information. As result of the relation of these elements children and young adults can think, have perception, have memory, be concentrate, be problem-solving and be creative. Social development This area concerns the ability to interact with their peers and adults in a socially acceptable way, the ability to listen and empathise. The understanding of moral concepts and the needs and right of others are included in this area. Communication and Language development

The capacity for use a common system of symbols is called language and is the way to communicate. Communication area regards different languages: verbal and non- verbal language, body language, sign language. Emotional and behavioural development This area is also defined as the area of personality and temperament. It regards all individual feelings about the internal and external world. Through given a safe environment during the earlier age, the built personality will have a good emotional well- being, be more confident in exploring the world around and make positive friendships.


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