Our Day Out

December 23, 2016 Teaching

Our day out is written by Willie Russell the author is a comical and humorous within his text but within the text it also covers some serious issues with some serious messages, set in Liverpool where the author originates from is a deprived area, for the story itself it is about a school trip for the progress class to Wales to visit an old castle wreck but the progress visits a lot more than just the old ruins the basic plot is that of the class teacher Mrs. Kay to give the progress class a chance to have a bit of fun but it also tells us of the differences of teaching styles and how members of staff sometimes do hide their true feelings and when they are enjoying them selves show a completely different side of them selves and this particular book covers many different themes it shows us that of the class enjoying themselves, to Mr. Briggs being very angry with them but also it asks some very difficult questions , what does the government do for deprived children who do not have much chance to ever catch up to the levels and why do children “slip through the net” and why are there not the experiences, opportunities and again why is there not the support out there for them to find a good paying job? .

The author has based this story from his own personal experiences from when he himself lived in Liverpool as a child and like thousands of other children “slipped through the net”. .

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It is Monday morning and carol is walking to school and she is excited for she is going on a school trip but she Is about to run straight out in the middle of the road when the school lollypop man suddenly jumps out and stopped her as this was a very busy road and the lollypop man said to her to watch the roads and to walk across he then asked her where she was of to in such a hurry Carol replied by saying she could not remember and she started to have a conversation with him and then said that she had to go as her coach had just arrived she said goodbye and crossed the road Carol was in the progress class and was not very bright when she got to the other side of the road Mrs.


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