The structure of the hospitality industry

July 25, 2017 Tourism



The cordial reception industry has a batch of different sectors such as Hospitality Services Tourist, Tourism Hotels, Self Catering Restaurants, Contract Catering Bars, Nightclubs, Pubs Hostels, Events Membership Clubs, Travel Services Holiday Visitor, and Attractions Gambling. The cordial reception industry has ever been of import since the people have started going. The cordial reception industry includes a broad scope of concerns, including eating houses, bars, hotels, resorts, casinos, sail ships and subject Parkss. The cardinal trait that all these concerns portion is that they all host people coming to eat, imbibe, slumber and being entertained ; that is, they offer cordial reception. Businesss in the cordial reception industry are about all labour intensive.

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Each sector in the cordial reception industry must hold cardinal sections and each one of those sections should hold indispensable function and map which should be performed to offer clients with high quality of merchandises and services.

We can sort these cardinal sections in 2 ways:

  • Front of house – are sections with direct contact with clients
  • Back of house – are sections of those who work behind the scene
  1. Food and drink

Employees who work in nutrient and drink are in forepart of house, they are responsible of dining countries for services, they take reserves, they greet and place clients, they promote specials and do recommendations, they take orders, they collect payments and clean dining countries.

  1. Front office

Employees who work in the front office are in a forepart of house, their occupation is to suit demands of clients. This comprises response, they take reserves, they answer telephone calls and take staffs and customers’ messages, they prepare and process histories.

  1. Food production/kitchen

Food production employees work in the dorsum of house section to fix ordered repasts via room service or in house eating houses. Food production employees’ duty is to do the bill of fare, budgeting, to make the equipment care, to maintain abreast of tendencies and to maintain up with the demands and outlooks of clients.

  1. Housekeeping

Housekeeping section is basically in dorsum of house ; nevertheless workers in this section most of clip will hold contact with clients. The duties of employees of the housework section are cleanliness and general hygiene of the constitution. They may hold the responsibilities to keep public countries, to clean and serve invitees suites and laundry responsibilities.

  1. Bet oning

Bet oning section is in the forepart of house, it is responsible to supply bet oning installations such as TAB and fire hook machine. Some other duties it has are to supply quality service, to forestall bush leagues from chancing and to supply responsible service of chancing.

  1. Gross saless and selling

Gross saless and selling section is in the dorsum of house, its chief mission is to sell the merchandises and services of the organisation. This includes the engagement in trade shows and to supply publicity in a scope of appropriate Medias.

  1. Human resources

Human resources section belong entirely in the dorsum of house. It chief duty is for twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours running operations of the organisation. The duties of this section is enrolling and preparation staffs, maintaining staff records and rolls. Employees of this section must hold a best apprehension about the appropriate statute law and ordinances refering employment.

  1. Financial control

Financial control section works in a dorsum of house, employees of this section duty is supervising the income and outgo of an organisation.

  1. Care

The major function of this dorsum of house section is to maintain the organisation maintained in a proper, safe and dependable mode. Care may be in-house in large organisations but in little organisation, contractor would be hired. Maintenance includes machinery, plumbing, landscape gardening, electrical and general jack of all trades work.

  1. Security

Security section function is to keep the wellness and safety of staff and frequenters in the organisation. Large organisations must hold their ain security staff but, little organisations may non hold a demand for in-house or regular security, so they would engage contractors from outside during particular occasions.


Except the really little hotel, it is physically non possible for one people to personally oversee different operation inside a hotel because it is like any other concern organisation. We grouped the staff into four chief classs during our treatment of staff:

  • Policy-making direction and implementing team-the general director and his her primary section caputs
  • Heads of bomber section
  • Heads of Assistant Department
  • Operating forces and General Staff

The General Manager has the duty to specify and construe the policies settled by top direction.

  1. Suite

The chief duty is the comfort of clients ; it is delegated to the caput of the suites section, known as theoccupant director. The occupant director heads the largest section numerically within a hotel, many of those members get into direct contact with client. The occupant director ever carries out what can be the most of import duty of the general director twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operations of the invitees suites.


The nutrient and drinks directorcaputs the section that besides concerns client relation. The service staff within the java store, eating houses, feast suites and bars comes into direct contact non merely with the occupant clients but with all members of the general populace, those who use the installations of the hotel, other than its sleeping suites every bit really of import in the overall place. This is the section that possibly demonstrates more clearly the old hotel keeper’s celebrated stating, ”Service is our most of import product” .

Tonss of hotels provide dinner music inside their eating houses or some other signifier of amusement in the cocktail sofa or saloon, and tonss have dark nines. Hiring instrumentalists and entertainers would chiefly be in duty of the director of nutrient and drink, or in many other operations of the executive of the cardinal office which they have assigned to this map.

  1. Technology

The head applied scientistconcern is the visual aspect and physical status of the constitution. This is the little illustration to work in squad when needed to run in a hotel successfully.

  1. Sale

Hotel with the feast installations and convention, the big one, can prolong merely with concern that theirgross revenues and convention staffsgenerate. The sale section is called the lifeblood of the constitution. Hotels so, metropoliss compete ferociously to pull large groups, houses or organisations. Forces of gross revenues section theorized that local constitution, companies and group that has one-year or tonss of frequent maps won’t return if they are driven to use another hotel and they find it every bit or much more desirable.

  1. Forces

Theforces directorhas the duty of labour relation, he normally handles minor differences and many jobs with and among employees that occur during day-to-day operation in the constitution.

The corporate duties serve as the definite assistance in the public presentation of the responsibilities of the accountant. In malice of many of import elements that are taken into consideration when piecing the figures, a budget is eventually merely an estimation, and educated conjecture, of the gross and expenditures for a given period in the hereafter.



  1. Globalization

Presents, people are going freely around the universe more than of all time. The international tourer reachings from 674 million in 2000, achieved the 797 in 2005 ( increased by18,25 % ) and the 940 million in 2010 ( increase39,46 % in relation to 2000 and increase 17,94 in relation to 2005 ) . Respectively, the international touristry grosss ( planetary touristry outgo ) from475 billion US dollars in 2000, reached the 679billionin2005 ( increasedby42,94 % ) andthe 918billion in2010 ( increasedby93,26 % inrelation to 2000 ) . ( European touristry: tendencies and chance, 2011 )

  1. Safety and security

The industry’s concern with security has greatly increased due to different terrorist onslaughts worldwide, every bit good as the snatchs oftourists, assaults and robberies. Security of all types of touristry and cordial reception operations is really critical and catastrophe programs must be done for each sort of menaces. Personal safety ofguests must be the first precedence ( Walker, 2010 ) .Increased security steps exist in all the international airdromes and most air hose companies have upgraded their security steps by puting 1000000s of dollars. Furthermore, they make programs in order to transcend the demands of the air hose industry through engineering promotions ( Hall et al, 2003 ) . A property’s security plan should include certain actions and processs to forestall ordiscourage incidents ( Ellis and Stipanuk, 1999 )

  1. Diverseness

The touristry and cordial reception industry is among the most diverse of all industries in footings ofemployee population and groups of invitees. Hospitality and touristry present a uniqueopportunity to understand new cultural experiences for both employees and the tourers. It is of import for thepersonneltounderstandandappreciatedifferent civilizations in order to heighten the nature of their interactions with tourers of different civilizations, faiths, races, colourss, ages, genders and sexual orientations. It is for this ground that businessesplying theirtrade inthis industrymust Endeavour to develop their forces to appreciate and accommodatepeoplefrom diversebackgrounds aroundtheworld. As such, diverseness non merely facilitates easy apprehension of different cultural, societal and economic positions but enhances the bringing ofsatisfactory services every bit good, through communicating and observation ( Merchant, 2011 )

  1. Service

As planetary competition and market ingestion change the spread outing service sector, quality dramas an progressively indispensable function in both pulling and retaining service clients ( Helms and Mayo, 2008 ) . Service quality and the grade of satisfaction derived from service quality are going the most of import differentiating factors in about every cordial reception environment ( O’Neill and Palmer, 2004 ) . For the hotel industry, the addition of enlargement and competition of unique services and convenience are coercing hotelkeepers to continuously expression for the Competitive Advantage ( O’Neill, 2005 ) . Service is at the top of guests’ outlooks, nevertheless merely few companies provide exceeding service. World category service doesn’t merely occur ; preparation is really of import in presenting the service that clients ( invitees ) are anticipating ( Walker, 2010 ) .

  1. Demographic alterations.

The planetary population is bit by bit increasing and many retired persons have the clip and money to go and use cordial reception services. Harmonizing to the United Nations, population ripening is progressively going one of the most outstanding societal, economic and demographic phenomena ofour times. By 2030 the EU can anticipate 14 % fewer workers and7 % fewer consumers as 2005. By 2050, the numberof people over 60 in Europe will make 40 % of the entire population or 60 % of the working agepopulation ( Willms, 2007 ) . Adapted from “The impact of demographic alteration on touristry and decisions for touristry policy” ( Grimm et al, 2009 ) , the cardinal informations on demographic alteration up to 2020 are included in the


The hereafter trends in the cordial reception industry canbe summarized as follows:

  • More green and ecologings ;
  • Development of mega hotels ( multi-purposefacilitieswithcasino, stores, theater, subject park, etc. ) ;
  • More boutique hotels ;
  • Intelligent hotels with advanced engineering utilizing the guest’s practical fingerprint in orderto perform all the operations ( check-in, charges, check-out, etc. ) .
  • Increasing employees wages in order to retain the bing staff


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