The Tortoise and the Hare Essay

September 23, 2017 General Studies

Everyone knows the narrative of the tortoise and the hare. For it has been told for many old ages. In “The Tortoise and the Hare” . the hare mocks the slow-moving tortoise or polo-neck for being a slow-moving polo-neck so to talk. The tortoise takes on the challenge of rushing the hare and announces that he would win the race because of his finding. non his velocity. The hare finds this rather humourous and accepts the challenge. After the race begins. the tortoise plods along unfalteringly and the hare runs off in front. He gets so far in front of the tortoise ; he decides to take a sleep. The hare falls asleep excessively long and awakes to the tortoise traversing the finish line. As in several other fabrications by Aesop. there is a moral certainty about the lesson it is learning.

In the fable “The Tortoise and the Hare” . the writers’ concentration isn’t on the Tortoise’s confident in taking on a bully such as the Hare. but emphasizes the folly of the Hare’s over-confidence. Turning up hearing this narrative. I now realize that many people have good natural abilities in which they are ruined by suicide. We underestimate others abilities in respects to race. size. and position ; non cognizing what our opposition is capable of. Just as in “The Tortoise and the Hare” . the hare from the start is confident of his ability to get the better of the tortoise because of his features and abilities.

Thinking his hasting would do him to acquire in front. the hare finds himself behind. A wise adult male one time told me “haste makes waste” and in this instance it is true. I believe this is a possible moral to the narrative along with others. As a child. I was led to believe the moral to the narrative is “slowly and steady wins the race” . I think this moral is wholly foolishness. Rarely does traveling decelerate win any races. but is a good manner to be careful. However. that is non what races are approximately. This peculiar lesson would non be effectual in steering an individual’s actions or beliefs. In respects to races. I don’t believe being slow and steady would take to success.

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As I mentioned. “The Tortoise and the Hare” : is non about the tortoise at all. but about the hare. As a kid. all the focal point was on the tortoise because of commiseration. Everyone felt sorry that he would take on such a challenge. cognizing that the hare is faster. However. we were amazed about his finding. which put the chief focal point on the tortoise. Indeed in any race. the hare would decidedly win. The hare makes a large error. by being over-confident in his ability. If the hare would hold been smart about the state of affairs and ran rapidly to the terminal. the tortoise would hold looked comparatively foolish.

The hare would hold so shown his advanced velocity. I think the better moral to the narrative is “Success depends on utilizing your endowments. non merely holding them” . The reader or hearer should capture that you should utilize your accomplishments to really win competitions or acquire in front. Overconfidence merely leads to carelessness which is frequently punished by failure. For illustration a individual who is invariably told that they are smart or the smartest overall. may slack off due to everyone admiting their capablenesss. In consequence to this. their classs or public presentation could miss from frequently being told of this. I think we could hold all acquired better wisdom from this narrative if the proper lesson was give or emphasized.

In decision. I believe the value of narrations evidences us in the world of the present and vividly pigments the world of the yesteryear. Communicating through a lesson in narrative format. whether it’s in unwritten or written signifier is more good to its readers and hearers. It allows us to acquire into character and use it to our experiences instead than holding a set of regulations to follow. It besides gives a better apprehension of the moral within the narration. which provides a critical lesson. Some narrations may hold more than one lesson. nevertheless through written or unwritten format this would let readers to associate to the characters and happen the moral more good to their lives. If we learn anything from the tortoise in the narrative “The Hare and the Tortoise” . it should be that when you are faced with an opposition who may surely get the better of you. the lone hope you have is that he defeats himself.


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