Friendship In Fried Green Tomatoes English Literature Essay

September 19, 2017 English Literature

Friendship is the relationship between two or more more people who trust, have faith and are concerned with the public assistance of each other.Relationship involves familiarity and common attention for one another.A good friend has the duty of accepting good and bad qualities of his friends and one who is ready to assist his friend in altering bad traits.Friends should love each other and have faith in whatever their friends tell them.Friendship has to make with undertsnding and caring for one another.A relationship based on this qualities makes friends to hold a good feeling and smiling because of the love and attention which is given to him.In some instances people do non stay to be friends for a long period of clip for case when people disagree with each other and prehend to be friends. When doing friends people should be careful because all friends may non be good. Some friends will merely be for you during the times of felicity but they run off when jobs arises.These are non good friends because you can non depend on them.Good friends will ever give to be with you during good and bad minutes of your life and they will understand your strong and weakpoints ( Fanny 10 ) .

Having friends is a really of import facet in life. One may hold all the necessities needed in life like money, good house, vesture but still friends are needed. Human existences are depend on one another and they can non last all alone.There are some things that other people must make for you and therefore its really of import to hold people around you.If for illustration one gets ill, he/she will necessitate other people to take them to the infirmary doing friends really of import to the lives of individuals.Friendship is hence something which all people should hold in order to hold peace of head ( Fanny 15 ) . There are different sorts of friendly relationships for illustration friendly relationship based on public-service corporation. In this sort of friendly relationship, people become friends so that they can profit personally. For illustration people who come together and get down a business.They do non pass most of their times together and they may non wish each other.A really common signifier of friendly relationship is one which is based on pleasure.This is a friendly relationship between two people with the purpose of deriving pleasance from one another.This sort of friendly relationship occurs chiefly between people of different sexes who have love and fondness for one another.The chief aimof this friendshilp is compabnionship and these people may stop up get marrieding one another. Bing a really of import facet of life, I will discourse friendly relationship in the film Fried Green Tomatoes establishing my arguiment on one relationship.

Fried Green Tomatoes was a fresh written in 1987 by Fannie Flagg which subsequently came to be adaptedas a film in 1991.It was a commedy play which was based on the novel and it was lreleased in the United States bearing the full name of the novel.The movie was directed by Jon Avnet and written by Fannie Flaggin concurrence with Carol Sobieki. The movie is about of twowomen Ruth and Idgie at a clip when they have troubles in their friendships.There is besides another friendshipwhich ekxisted in 1980s between Evelyn a adult female of a in-between age and Ninny an old woman.Ninny knew Ruth and Idgie.The narrative dwells much on the slaying of Ruths husb, and who was opprobrious and the accusals which came after he was murdered. The movie received two academy awards and critics of movie were positive in the poem.The people who were doing the position criticized it because the group which reviewed the book ignored the contents about sapphic ( Fanny 28 ) .

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The movie begins with Evelyn Couch a house married woman aged around 40 old ages who mwas timid and unhappy coming in to reach with Ninny Threadgoode in a Birminghamfond in a nursing place called Alabama. Ninny and Evelyn visit each other several times during which Evelyn tells her about a town in Alabama called Whistle Stop which had been occupied by people sometimes back but they had moved from that topographic point ( Fanny 30 ) . She tells her narratives of people who used to busy that town.She begins the narrative by stating about Idgie Threadgoode the youngest of her kids but who during her description is reffered to as her sister in law.Idgie had a brother who was a good friend of him but he died through an accident by a train.After the decease of his brother whoi meant alot to his life, he moved off from his society where he spend most of his childhood and adolescent phases. She stayed off from his household until Ruth Jamison the former girlfriend of his brother is requested by his household to step in so that they can go friends. She refused to befriend Ruth in the first phases but after some clip she found a infinite in her bosom to hold feelings for her.Frank Bennette befriends Ruth and marries her after which they moved fromWhistle Stop town and settees in Valdosta, Georgia. The act of Ruth acquiring married annoyed Idigie because she lost her friend.It was a difficult undertaking for her to bury Ruth but she tried difficult to bury her. She subsequently paid a visit to Ruth who was already transporting a babe but her hubby Frank abused her.Idgie pleads with Ruth to go forth her hubby and attach to her dorsum to Whistle Stop.Ruth accepted but Frank was against the idea.It is at Whistle Stop that Ruth gave birth to a babe named Buddy Jr. Idgie was given money to open a concern so that she can provide for the demands of Ruth and her babe. Ruth and Idgie opened a coffeehouse at Whistle Stop Town called Whistle Stop Cafe. They employed Sipsey and Big George her boy as cooks.These cooks made barbecue which became popular with their frequenters within a short period of clip.

Frank paid a visit to Whistle Stop town with the purpose of nobbling Buddy Jr. But he was killed by an attacker who was non recognized. For some clip Frank could non be found and his auto was found at the underside of a sea around the town.Idgie is suspected to be responsible of Franks decease because she had threatened him publically because of crushing her friend Ruth. Idgie and Big George were arrested as suspects for the slaying of Frank ( Fanny 38 ) . The constabulary wanted torelease her and trap the offense to Big George entirely but she refused to bewray her friend.The justice during the test says that the two clients were non cognizant of the diappearance of Frak because had had gone on a three twenty-four hours journey but it was a lie.In add-on to that he says that Frank was ever intoxicated and his decease cloud have resulted from an accident.Idgie and her friend are cleared of the charges and released.Ruth died shortly after the test as a consequence of cancer.The Cafe closed after Ruth died and many people who stayed in Whistle Stop migrated to other places.That is the manner Ninny ended her narrative to Evelyne without uncovering to her what truly caused the decease of Frank. Franks decease came accidentallly because he was killed by Sipsey with a dramatis personae Fe frying pan in an attempt to forestall him from nobbling Buddy Jr.The organic structure was so taken by Big George and he berbecued it while the organic structure was burried by his female parent in the garden of Mrs.Threadgoode.

Ninny stayed in the nursing place impermanent because her house had been condemned and torn away.When Ninny became cognizant of what had happenegd to her she decided to welcome her and give her a room in her ain house since they had already became good friends. Ninny accepted accepted to remain with Evelyne.On their manner from Ninnys former place, they passed through the grave of Ruth which was decorated with flowers and on top of it was a card bearing the Hagiographas & A ; acirc ; ˆ?The Bee Charmer & A ; acirc ; ˆA? the moniker she was given by Idigie. After the decease of Mrs Threadgroode, Evelyne got a missive from a neighbor of Mrs. Threadgoode ask foring her for a visit ( Fanny 40 ) . She went to see her grave transporting pink flowers.She found a note on Ruths grave fron Idgie which had non taken long after sing the grave of Mrs. Threadgoode. Finally Idgie is found to be stillliving selling honey on a satnd which is near a route.

There are many subjects in this movie. For illustration the subject of nutrient is extremely elaborated. In the coffeehouse where Sipsey and her boy cooked they prepared barbeque which became popular to many people. Rth and Idgie sold nutrient for the inkinesss through the back doors at a decreased rate.When Frank died, his organic structure is said to hold been barbecued by Big George and served to the people. Food is a really of import facet such that human existences are besides eaten.The movie portrays sapphism in the sense that when Buddy the brother to Idgie died, she was encouraged by her household to befriend her ( Fanny 45 ) . This is a clear indicant that the society encourages lesbianism.Women are mistreated by work forces harmonizing to this novel.When we look at Evelyne, she was unhappy with her matrimony because her hubby had ignored her.The same instance applies to Ruth who was abused by Frank her husband.Another subject in the movie is decease. So many people have died in the movie. To get down with, Buddy the fellow to Ruth was hit by a train and he died. Frank was bitten by Sipsey with a dramatis personae Fe frying pan in an effort to forestall him from nobbling Buddy Jr. which caused his decease. Ruth died as a consequence of malignant neoplastic disease while Mrs. Threadgoode is besides said to hold died and burried in the same topographic point with Ruth. The decease of all these characters makes decease a major subject in this movie.

The other subject and among the most of import is the subject of friendly relationship. Harmonizing to the movie, we have a series of friendships.To start with Mrs. Threadgoodes became a really good friend of Evelyne after they came in to reach with each other for a period of time.Through the narrative which Threadgoode gave to Evelyne, she was encouraged by the character of Idgie therefore act uponing her positively in her ways of life.Buddy and Ruth were besides friends. Harmonizing to the movie, Ruth was Buddy & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s girl friend but the relationship ended when he died as a consequence of an accident.Buddy was besides a friend to his sister Idgie.When Buddy passed off, her sister was so much affected an indicant that the two people were really good friends with each other.Ruth befriended Frank who married her but subsequently started mistreating her. Idgie was offended by the matrimony because she lost her friend Ruth to Frank.She was so much attached to Ruth because even after Ruth married Frank, she took a long clip to bury her. All the above are friendly relationships portrayed in the movie. In my paper I will discourse the relationship between Ruth and Idgie ( Fanny 56 ) .

Harmonizing to this book friendly relationship is defined as a relationship which is different fromothers.Friends volunatariry come together.Frindships are different fromother relationships like matrimony relationships which are based on establishments and established Torahs. Friends are non governed by Torahs and there is no standard manner through which friends should interact.Friendships hold some qualities like emtional closeness.Some people become friends so that they can be emotionally close.Emotional love comes as a consequence of disbursement clip together, speaking and traveling through experiences together.Issues of gender and sex nevertheless have impacts on the manner people express their emotions towards their friends.Some people get near to their friends through dialogue.As for adult females, the best manner to keep societal intimacy is through listening and talking.Through speaking with one another people can understand lives of other people.Through duologue friends can go emotionally close. Ruth and Idgie must hold talked together during the clip they stayed together.Another manner through which people can go emotionally close is through making things ( Wood 253 ) . When people do things together and they perform responsibilities for one another, they become close to each other.Looking at the relationship between Ruth and Idgie they did their things together.They opened a coffeehouse where they helped one another. The two people participated in all the activities in the cafe.Through sharing of the responsibilities, these people became close to each other.Another quality is acceptance.Each and every individual wants to be accepted by his/her friends.We all have our strong and weak points and we expect our friends to appreciate us the manner we are. Peoples try their degree best to guarantee that they impress people who are knew to them. Ruth was incorrect when she agreed to get married Frank and go forth behind her friend Idgie who loved her really much.However we can state that both of the two characters accepted and appreciated each other based on the manner they conducted themselves. Idgie even offered to take good attention of Ruth and her kid because she had accepted her as a friend.

Friends should swear each other.We should swear our friends that we can relie on them.We should besides swear their words in the sense that they will make what they say.Trust besides means being certain that the friends that we have attentions for our welfare.Idgie was a trusting friend of Ruth because she was really much concerned with her welfare.When she found that Frank was mistreating Ruth through crushing her, she took her and offered to care of her and the gestation until she gave birth.This shows how much she cared about her.In add-on, she threatened Frank in the populace because of mistreating her friend which is a hazard to her because she was subsequently suspected to be responsible for his decease and was jailed ( Wood 258 ) . Friends should back up each other both in words and financially.Support includes stating your friends that you love them.Another manner of suporting our friends is through being available and assisting them in times of difficulties.Its clear from the movie that Idgie was ever at that place for Ruth and she sacrificed her clip and money in assisting her and the baby.Its true to ssay that the relationship between these people was based on good features of a friendship.Even after the decease of Ruth we can see Idgie sing her grave an indicant that she was a really influential individual in her life.

Sometimes friendships semen to an terminal because of several reasons.Friendships can come to an terminal when people disagree on some issues or when as a consequence of separation.Friendship can prehend if people who are friends stop coming into contact with each other the manner they used to do.Education and employment are some of the factors which can do people halt being friends when they move far off from each other.Many friendly relationships nevertheless do non stop umbruptly. They fade easy by easy until the friendly relationship comes to an terminal ( Wood 260 ) . When friendly relationship comes to an terminal, people will alter their manner of communicating. Peoples who used to pass alot of clip with others do non see the demand of disbursement clip with them.Words like I do non hold clip for you may be heard from people who used to be really good friends.Ruth accepted to go forth Idgie who had been her friend because she had seen another friend Frank. This is how their relationship came to an terminal even though they later agreed on each other and started remaining together.

In most instances friends do non ever take a smooth life. They are besides subjected to force per unit areas from internal and besides from external merely like other relationships of human beings.Internal tensenesss arise from an person and the interactions he/she is involved in.Pressure can originate in a friendly relationship if the parties have different needs.If what i need in non what my friend needs so we are likely to differ ( Wood 265 ) .Communication besides affects friendly relationships particularly in a instance where Thursday parties come from different cultural backgrounds and do non understand each other.For case some societies no non circumcize their males while most of the societies do.This differences can be a job in a friendship.Sexual attractive force can besides hesitate a job in the instance where friends have decided non to hold sexual intercourse but one of them is non staying to what they said.

Friendships are besides affected by external pressures.Human existences alteration from clip to throughout their life.The same thing applies to friends.Whenever one moves from one topographic point like schools, colleges, to another they make new friends.Since people make friends with people they meet often, they are likely to bury old friends.Geographic distance besides affects friendship.When people migrate from one topographic point to another they will do new friends there.However engineering has made it easy for people far off from each other to go on with their communicating through emailing and face book therefore keeping their friendly relationship. Friendship is a really of import facet of life as portrayed in the movie because through friends we can accomplish what we may non accomplish entirely ( Wood 268 ) .

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